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Shenzhen Ruipuguang Agricultural Lighting Co., Ltd. has 10 years of experience in LED light sources. Depending on the advantages of LED production technology, we better understand the principle and application of LED light sources. For the application of LED light to plants, we have communicated with international manufacturers and In practical applications, the precise spectrum of LED light emission can be adjusted to achieve the best application of plants in the growth process.

Our company cooperates with agricultural universities and agricultural scientific research institutions, and receives the guidance of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences. At the same time, we uphold the traditional advantages of the company's LED. Based on the research and comparison of traditional high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps and fluorescent lamps, the company has positioned This type of LED light is more suitable for current plant growth and is used in different occasions, including: LED plant light tubes, LED plant greenhouse lights, LED plant spot lights, LED plant light bars, LED plant panel lights. We combine the characteristics of LED with green, energy saving and environmental protection, and design different application schemes, such as the combination of greenhouse solar energy and LED plant growth lights, so as to make full benefits on the basis of reducing mains energy. Natural light resources make plants grow better.

We hope to provide high-quality indoor hydroponics, tissue culture, growth light, seedlings, artificial intervention during flowering and other LED plant lamp products and technical support services for ecological agriculture and facility agriculture, to achieve domestic advanced modern vegetable factories and greenhouse vegetables Fill light, germ, seedling flower cultivation, etc., thus becoming a professional manufacturer of innovative and rapid development of plant LED lighting. Let modern science and technology agriculture develop industrialization, and have scientific results in the light and wavelength of different plants and edible fungi that affect seedling and plant growth, and realize global industrialized cultivation!


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